Community Guidelines For Using TheStickyPost

TheStickyPost helps its users connect to others, and enabling meaningful engagement within the TheStickyPost community. To ensure that this purpose is achieved effectively, TheStickyPost requires users to follow these Community Guidelines along with the Terms of Use. TheStickyPost has the utmost regard for the freedom of speech and expression as well as the right to privacy of users on its platform. In framing the Community Guidelines, every stipulation carefully balances these considerations with the need to respect and abide by the letter and spirit of the law of the land.

The community guidelines listed below set out the types of actions and behaviors that are prohibited on TheStickyPost. If you are found to be taking any of the actions listed below, appropriate action may be taken against you, including, but not limited to, removing the infringing material, notifying the authorities in appropriate circumstances, and suspending your account or To end:

1. Hate Speech and Discrimination

Do not post hateful or discriminatory content on TheStickyPost .

2. Religiously Offensive Content

Be respectful of the religious beliefs of others.

3. Terrorism and Extremism

Do not post content that threatens, encourages or glorifies terrorism.

4. Violent Content

Do not post content that threatens, depicts or glorifies violence, or encourages self harm.

5. Graphic, Obscene and Sexual Content

Do not post graphic, obscene and/or sexual content on TheStickyPost.

6. Sexual Harassment and non-consensual nudity

Do not post any content or engage in any activity that might be construed as being sexual harassment other users.

7. Cyberbullying

Be kind to others. Don’t be a bully.

8. Invasion of Privacy

Be respectful of the privacy of others.

9. Illegal Activities

Much like in the real world, don’t break the law when you use TheStickyPost.

10. Identity Theft and Impersonation

Identity theft is serious. Don’t impersonate any other person.

11. Misinformation and Fake news

Be truthful and verify information.

12. Spamming, Scamming and Phishing

Don’t use TheStickyPost to spam or scam others.

13. Intellectual Property Infringement

Respect the intellectual property of others.

14. Malicious Programmes

Don’t share malicious programs.