My feed is not updating. What should I do?

Feed might not be updating because of the following reasons:

  • Feed will take a little time to load if you've logged in after many days, as in, a minimum of one week. Please refresh once and it will be good to go.
  • Feed is also dependent on the activity of the profiles one follows. In case you are following less profiles we request you to follow more interesting profiles.

If the issue persists for more than a day, this is not the expected behavior. Kindly drop us an email at complaints@TheStickyPost.com along with your handle, we will fix it.

My scrolling is not smooth. Can you help?

Dear user, we are aware of it. For an absolutely smooth experience there needs to be various improvements to be made which are time consuming. We are an early-stage startup, growing rapidly. All the features you have come to love on other platforms along with some unique features will soon be available on TheStickyPost.

My app is slow?

Please check your internet speed, clear your cache files or restart the phone. If the problem still persists, this is not the expected behavior, kindly drop us an email at complaints@TheStickyPost.com along with your handle, we will fix it.

My Followers are decreasing, what should I do?

We do not have any direct role in a users activity. A users’ following is the reflection of a community's interests. Kindly drop us a mail at complaints@TheStickyPost.com along with your handle, for us to check if there is any technical problem from our end. As a suggestion, we request you to post minimum two quality post everyday for a very engaging experience at TheStickyPost.

I have applied for verification but there has been no response?

For any verification related queries kindly drop us an email at verification@TheStickyPost.com along with your handle. FYI, we have certain guidelines that we have to adhere to in the context of providing verification badges.

I see a lot of abusive/hateful language. What can I do?

Abusive and hateful language is something we do not encourage on TheStickyPost. We request you to report such language or Posts where you observe profanity so that we can take the necessary steps.

Someone is impersonating me, what can I do?

If someone is impersonating you then report such a profile.